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Dux Scavenger Hunt Step 1

This project involved creating user interface for administrators to enter Scavenger Hunt information which was served to Midnight Illusions Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt App for the City of Guelph Ontario.

The project involved programming multiple Laravel Blade templates making use of re-usable custom blade components.

Numerous back-end endpoints were created to handle image manipulation (ie: creating 4 puzzle piece images from one uploaded image).

We utilized several well known Javascript libraries such as croppy.js, and JQuery Validation.
Several services were created on the backend to crop a single uploaded image into four pieces.
Image data once cropped from croppie.js is sent back as Base64 image data, and then saved.

There were quite a few movie pieces in this project, but we have managed to roll it out!

8 week project
Project Cost $3200
Satisfied Customer
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