Kiteboarding – a healthy addiction

Back in 2017, I came to a point in my life where I was dealing with a lot of grief.  I was coming to terms with losing a family member […]

Canadian Salsa party in Daegu, South Korea

My love for Salsa started in 2003, in Daegu, South Korea. Wait whaaaat 😱?   Yep that’s right! After University, I found myself with a huge student loan that needed to […]

Kite-mares- and how to avoid them

Kiting is an amazing sport. I first started my journey Kiting back in 2017 — at a time when I wanted to brighten up my world a little bit. Despite […]

Kiteboarding – a way to get out of your head

Deep Diving into software technologies and programming languages is the opposite of meditation, or is it? While meditation focuses on the breath, helps calm the mind, sharpens awareness, and hones […]