Customizing your main Github Page

Today I created a GitHub Profile  Wow! How cool.  Just by creating a repository the same name as your username, and adding a, GitHub will display custom content […]

Creating a Laravel Website with out of the box authentication system

Hi everyone,  recently, I have been trying out several different Web Administration panel kits for my favorite PHP Platform, Laravel. I am looking for an out of the box system […]

Metaverse Gaming scripts

Hi everyone! The word ‘Metaverse’ is hot again so I’d like to invite you along on a journey I am taking down memory lane by re-immersing myself as an Educational […]

Kiteboarding – a way to get out of your head

Deep Diving into software technologies and programming languages is the opposite of meditation, or is it? While meditation focuses on the breath, helps calm the mind, sharpens awareness, and hones […]

Creating a Subtitle Search Engine using the Stanford Parts of Speech Tagger

In this post, I will be talking about how I integrated the Standford NLP Parts of speech tagger into a subtitle search engine I built for Normally, search engines […]