Deep Diving into software technologies and programming languages is the opposite of meditation, or is it?

While meditation focuses on the breath, helps calm the mind, sharpens awareness, and hones the senses —

Programming requires one to ignore the breath, lose all awareness of the body, and pursue never a ending rabbit hole of the next problem-to-be-solved.

Link after link after link after link, necessary knowledge must be gathered, learned, tested, and then applied.

The hands of the clock speed up, and days and nights blur to become one.

As a programmer, detaching from the matrix isn’t easy — and it often seams to be the opposite of meditation.

For me fortunately, I have seamed to discover a “back-door” to the insanity that sometimes reigns supreme after a programming session — and this my friends, is the wonderful world of kite-boarding.

Kite-boarding for programmers — How to exit your brain, and re-enter the body

Just put on a harness, and strap yourself to a very large kite in 25 knot winds, then place yourself in the middle of a raging storm.

While rolling over 4m high waves, and scooting down the backside of the valley, a programmer no longer focuses on code, instead their body is navigating LIFE.

Its’ a wonderful feeling.

Instead of deep diving the pixel matrix, following link after link after link, your face feels warm sun and piercing wind. Ears hear the water splayed beneath one’s feet, and the hands, arms and core pull and reel a bar while harnessing the power of the wind.

EXIT your brain baby, and enter every fiber of your being!

– the rush is intense, and the serotonin that is released is similar to the “ah-ah” moments we get while buried in code.