[history_unit date=”20011 – 2018″]

CTO – Movie English

I have worked with the team at Movie English for the past 8 years. I am the main person for bringing the CEO’s vision to reality. As the main point person, I regularly screen-share with the CEO, and other stake holders, and convert user story points to actionable items. I serve as lead architect, project manager, human resources, and dev-ops engineer!

Fortunately, throughout my journey with MovieEnglish.com as their CTO, I have had the insight to install the appropriate systems management tools, such as Atlassian’s Jira and Confluence to capture data, and track issues.  These tools have been essential for scaling out our team and capturing knowledge.

The has enabled me to document all of our products features, and have manage an automated test team to ensure we have close to 100% test coverage of our code.



[section_caption title=”EDUCATION”]


[history_unit date=”1999 – 2003″]

Bsc Computer Science

Simon Fraser University



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[skill_unit percent=”100″]Team Management[/skill_unit]

[skill_unit percent=”100″]Workflow Automation[/skill_unit]

[skill_unit percent=”95″]Backend API[/skill_unit]

[skill_unit percent=”90″]Frontend UI[/skill_unit]

[skill_unit percent=”90″]DevOps[/skill_unit]


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[service icon=”icon-laptop” title=”Agile Workflow”]I help startups to establish efficient Project management systems for their software teams. For this, I prefer Atlassian’s Jira and Confluence to super-charge teams!
I also help with implementing Test Driven Design, and a good GitFlow Strategy[/service]

[service icon=”icon-tablet” title=”Software Architecture”]I manage Agile teams for software development [/service]



[testimonial image_url=”https://b3dmultitech.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/muhammad.jpeg” image_alt=”Muhammad Rafique” name=”Muhammad Rafique” position=”Test Automation Engineer”]
I have been hired by Paul to complete the End to End automated tests for Movie English project. I worked directly with, and reported directly to Paul. I found Paul a great team lead, mentor and his clear guidance and suggestions add valuable throughput on daily basis. To ease us into the project, Paul provided a customised wiki which laid out all technical details of the project. We often communicated through Skype, and screen-share. I liked Paul’s style of communication. He was easy to get along with, and provided clear instruction when needed.
I would really love to work with Paul in future as well.[/testimonial]

[testimonial image_url=”https://b3dmultitech.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/chrissurridge.jpeg” image_alt=”Chris Surridge” name=”Chris Surridge” position=”Professor, KAIST, Daejeon”]
Paul Preibisch is a major force in virtual world education because he possesses the programming skills of a
power-user and the learning savvy of a seasoned educator. He has been an integral part of every success I have had with virtual worlds education, and continues to elevate our projects with his edgy, unpredictable development
breakthroughs. It is my opinion that virtual worlds education has been permanently and positively influenced by Paul’s contributions. In terms of personal projects, Paul has always produced results far beyond the agreed-upon terms, and provides guidance and support second to none. My projects have gotten bigger, and, as a result, more demanding. Paul Preibisch is my only choice when it comes to programming and project development support. ”


[testimonial image_url=”https://b3dmultitech.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Chris-Flesuras-Skoolaborate.jpeg” image_alt=”Chris Flesuras” name=”Chris Flesuras” position=”Skoolaborate”]
“Paul is a tremendous talent and gifted developer. We hired him to build a complex educational tool for our
organization in the virtual world client, Second Life and received it on schedule despite the project’s overlap with the winter holiday season. What sets Paul apart from other developer’s I have worked with is a genuine interest in creating the best possible tools for students based on his intimate knowledge of what they perceive to be interesting and “cool”. In today’s classrooms it is very difficult to provide content in a way that the students appreciate, mainly because of the generation gap between adult teachers and teenagers. Paul seems to have the ability to bridge this gap by understanding the educational outcomes that the teachers desire, and then developing online tools that the students find visually appealing or familiar to operate. In other words, he has the ability to speak both languages. His success is accomplished by delivering the material in “game” form. I hesitate to use the word “game” when describing what he does, because it usually implies mindless entertainment. However, Paul’s builds are educational in nature and simply mimic the best attributes of games, like interactivity, moderate addiction, and competitive structure. Students of this new generation are consumers of interactive entertainment, and this is where our organization needed Paul. With video and lectures becoming less and less effective by the day, we needed to piece together a delivery system that provided more interactive content, which meant we needed to learn from video games and the Internet. Second Life provided the proper platform for this change in strategy, and Paul is our new “go-to” guy for development. For these reasons, I highly recommend Paul for future projects in this field.”[/testimonial]